Saracen International is a privately owned investment company, established in 1991 as a Family Office. It is a founding member of the Saracen Group of companies.

The Group focuses on several sectors, including Trade Finance, Project Finance and Direct Investments. These activities are primarily achieved by the Group as founder investors and subsequently if required, assisting in raising additional funding. All investments must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the Group.

Saracen is a family office which brings specially selected projects to the attention of its shareholders and partners. The Group invests either as a primary investor or a co-investor, for its own account in a diverse set of asset markets, with the primary objective of benefitting its shareholders, as well as ensuring that the Group remains at the forefront of unique opportunities. Saracen is not an investment advisor or fund custodian, nor does it hold funds on behalf of any investor other than its shareholders.


Saracen does not underwrite any of the projects it invests in and any co-investors are required to carry out their independent due diligence and appraisals of such projects.

Saracen can act as a consultant on projects, asset finance and debt restructuring. Our Group members have acted as advisors to some major International and Middle Eastern institutions on a diverse set of opportunities.